Timing Belt Repair

The timing belt, or timing chain in some vehicles, is a drive belt that synchronizes the rotation of the engine’s crankshaft and camshaft with the opening and closing of your engine’s valves.

A broken timing belt or timing chain will cause your engine to stop running and could cause major engine damage.

A timing belt or timing chain controls the camshaft in your engine by opening and closing valves for a smooth engine operation. We highly recommend replacing the timing belt or timing chain at or before your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendation. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend replacing the timing belt or timing chain between 60,000 and 90,000 miles. You can check your owner’s manual or stop into any America’s Auto Care & Tire location for a free printout of your specific manufacturer service recommendations.

Water Pump Replacement

It is widely recommended that you have your water pump changed during a timing belt replacement service as well. If your water pump fails later, it can do great damage to your vehicle. Since the water pump is easy to change during a timing belt replacement, consider having a new one installed at this time.There is no extra labor to do this. You would only incur the cost of the part. 

Let the professionals handle it

Replacing a timing belt or timing chain is a complicated mechanical service and should be performed by a qualified mechanic. 

What We Do

Avoiding a timing belt replacement can result in complete engine failure. A worn or stretched belt can disrupt the operating order of the valves and pistons, which can result in a piston hitting a valve and damaging the engine. Timing belt failure warning signs include rough idling or difficulty starting the engine. Cracks on the belt, which is made of reinforced rubber, are an indication that it may soon break. Replacement of your timing belt will help keep your engine performing as it should and ensure you avoid expensive future repairs. During our replacement service, your belt will be replaced and synchronized with the crankshaft and camshaft to restore proper operating precision and order.

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