Tire Studding

A studded tire has hundreds of specially crafted pins inserted in the tire tread for added traction. These studs are made of titanium or aluminum. When the studs claw into the ground, they give better traction on ice and hard packed snow than normal winter tires.

Winter tire studs are designed for installation on studdable winter tires, which operate in select winter conditions to improve traction.

Winter Studdable tires are sold without studs. They must be separately purchased and mounted.  Studded winter tires provide an extra traction level because they not only communicate with conditions on the road surface; they penetrate frozen ice and dig in like miniature anchors.  When a driver with studded winter tires accelerates, stops, or turns on ice, they have the combined benefit of both the winter tire compound and gripping studs into the ground, which increases traction and vehicle handling responsiveness.

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